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Managed Services

Successfully navigate today’s evolving network environment

Today’s networks are under extreme pressure to follow traffic patterns and capacity needs whilst, at the same time, dealing with the exponential growth of data usage. Smartphones, data tariffs, mobile applications -- all just eat up your bandwidth.

The CTOs of these mobile networks are constantly under pressure to reduce OPEX and CAPEX.  Yet they have to continue to deliver quality services to their customers. In their quest to fill this tall order, they squeeze their assets and look to new technologies to further increase capacity.

As networks become more complex, the ability to use resources more efficiently and manage assets more effectively becomes the difference between being competitive and stagnating in today’s dynamic mobile environment. This is where Celcite’s Managed Services step in to navigate mobile operators through this evolving network environment.

Each of our Managed SManaged Services Overviewervices leverage automation and centralized SON capabilities provided by our unified, enterprise grade intelligent OSS systems to monitor, manage and mitigate network capacity and quality problems in an autonomous closed loop mode. These services are managed by skilled specialists with proven field experience giving you a level of confidence only Celcite can deliver.

Our comprehensive Managed Services include:

Network Management (O&M)

Complex wireless technologies and networks require new ways to protect and enhance network quality and customer satisfaction. We emulate the actions of optimizers and network operations resources using a common agnostic platform to view, monitor, and analyse RAN data. This discipline looks at monitoring and managing local or remote networks, automating processes, and enhancing network quality. Using Celcite systems, we perform these tasks efficiently and effectively with a mere fraction of the resource requirements that most current providers or operator resources can achieve.

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Network Optimization

With Voice ARPU going down and subscriber growth flattening, wireless operators have to ensure they can get better market share by retaining existing customers and taking away customers from competitors. The Celcite MSA team has years of expertise in Network Performance Improvement leveraged by our valuable systems. Celcite systems use intelligent algorithms and correlations to perform root cause analysis for network issues. It enables our team to be more efficient, more effective, and to deliver exceptional value in relation to traditional resource-based providers.

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New Technology Optimization

The introduction of laptops, tablets, and high-end handsets onto mobile networks is the major generator of traffic because these devices offer content and applications not supported by the previous generation of mobile devices. We have a range of proven services that support new carrier and technology roll-outs, pre and post-launch optimization, load balancing, and parameter optimization for efficient spectrum utilization.

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Network Maximization

Improve your competitve edge by providing a seamless network experience to subscribers and maximizing capacity and coverage across network assets - GSM, UMTS, LTE and Small Cells.  The Network Maximization service focuses on analysing the  network to identify valuable spectrum that can be re-farmed and distribute site hardware to maximize network potential.                                                                                                                  

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