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Self Optimizing Network (SON) Systems

For Autonomous, Closed-Loop Network Optimization & Management


Multiple technologies (GSM, UMTS, LTE and Small Cells) have created a lattice of overlaid and interrelated networks that are extremely difficult to manage and optimize for quality and capacity with a legacy manual approach. Competitive networks all around the world are investing in SON technology to manage complexity, increase their customer satisfaction, reduce operation costs and maximize profitability.  SON eliminates up to 60% of manual network optimization tasks because it covers a broad range of optimization scenarios, drastically reducing the man-hours required to carry out each task, freeing resources and increasing competitiveness.

Celcite SON is a centralized self optimizing solution that triggers autonomous network configuration changes in real time to maximize the network potential of today’s complex HetNets. It is the ultimate multi-vendor, multi-technology network maximization solution complete with dynamic coverage and capacity management of legacy and new technologies.  Celcite SON relies on complex and proprietary algorithms created and extracted from real life optimization experience and subject matter experts across technologies and vendor equipment.

SON Self Organizing Network

Celcite Self Optimizing Network (SON) System Overview

Celcite SON automatically optimizes both 3G & 4G networks, doubling the cost-reduction benefit.  The gains of Celcite SON systems in live networks are well documented, producing 10% faster mobile broadband speeds, 15% more capacity, and 20% fewer dropped calls.  Celcite SON is trusted for the highest profile global sporting and cultural events on the planet, with a global audience of more than 6 billion people.  These systems are already running in fully automatic mode in two of the planet's megacities, optimizing the experience of tens of millions of customers.  20,000 cell sites are now optimized automatically using Celcite SON.

SON on wheels

The in-built dynamic and autonomous closed loop actions of Celcite SON enables self-configuration, self-optimization, and self-healing of networks with no human interaction.  SON feature policies include ANR (Automatic Neighbor Relation), LB (Load Balancing), SH (Self Healing), APO (Automatic Parameter Optimization) and Plug-and-Play module for self configuration when a new site is deployed.

The goal of automatic neighbor relation (self-configuration) is to minimize the manual handling of neighbor relations. The ANR functionality provides neighbor management for inter frequency (IFHO), intra frequency and Inter Radio Access Technology (IRAT) neighbor relationships and adjust neighbor priorities. The automatic neighbor relations may be added, deleted, or re-prioritized based on operator controlled policies.

Traffic load balancing (self-optimization) feature shifts load from the capacity restricted resource to the cells with free capacity. Automatic load balancing functionality provides automatic modification of admission and congestion control parameters along with changes to neighbor parameter offsets.

Cell outage detection and cell outage compensation (self-healing) compensates for loss of coverage or capacity in an outage situation. Self-healing is designed to react quickly for near real-time corrective actions.

SON transforms the economics of your network, driving cost reduction by automating numerous repetitive tasks, and increasing the profitability of your business.


  • SON eliminates up to 60% of manual optimization tasks.
  • Celcite SON automatically optimizes both 3G & 4G networks, doubling the cost-reduction benefit.
  • 20% gain in performance and quality
  • Achieve safe autonomous optimization without any human intervention

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