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New Technology Optimization

Successfully Integrate New Technology

An ever-increasing demand for mobile connectivity inevitably affects the mobile operators who fulfill this demand and the resulting traffic profiles. The introduction of laptops, tablets, and high-end handsets onto mobile networks are the major contributors to the increase since these devices offer the consumer content and applications not supported by the previous generation of mobile devices.

The increase in data traffic is phenomenal.

For the three consecutive years, ending in 2010, global mobile data traffic has nearly tripled each year. The introduction of laptops, tablets, and high-end handsets into today’s mobile networks have been the major contributors to this increase since these devices offer the consumer content and applications not supported by the previous generation of mobile devices.

Wireless networks have had to continually add capacity and new technologies, like LTE, to cope. We offer a range of proven services that support new carrier and technology roll-outs, pre/post-launch optimization, load balancing, and parameter optimization for efficient spectrum utilization.

New Technology Optimization

Services Offered:

LTE New Site Rollouts

The data explosion coupled with the complexity of integrating LTE into an existing network infrastructure has many challenges. Our expertise will ensure successful integration of your LTE new site rollouts as well as pre/post-launch optimization.

In-building DAS Rollouts

Wireless operators are not only seeing a continued increase in data demands but are also challenged with effectively managing their network capacity, coverage and quality to cater to demanding subscribers. Subscribers except operators to have coverage at every location - subways, tunnels, football stadiums the list seem endless.   

With all these advantages many operators now are moving towards adding more DAS systems to improve their coverage and capacity, ultimately ending up with satisfied customers. With experienced Celcite personnel, operators do not need to look any further. Our deployment projects with Tier1 US operators act as testimony to our expertise and experience in the field of DAS installation and optimization.

 Alarm (Fault) Management

Today’s network is comparable to a jigsaw puzzle with a large number of components that make up the final system. Such complex environments are bound to be a victim of faulty components. Alarm (Fault) management has become an integral part of operators to ensure a reliable network for their customers. Celcite engineers use proven methodology to aid the Alarm Management process. The image below depicts the process flow followed by our team to monitor and resolve alarms in your network.

Using our propriety algorithms we classify issues into various buckets – Node B Alarms, Transport Alarms, RSSI/VSWR issues. Reports containing daily alarm status, Aging details, alarm history are sent to the customers to keep them updated of the current status of their network.

UMTS New Sites/Carriers Augmentation

Over the next five years, many operators will focus their efforts on clearing and re-farming 2G spectrum, moving traffic to UMTS and/or LTE networks, and shifting valuable resources to more  newer and data centric technologies. Our engineers provide support through the entire life-cycle of adding UMTS new sites/carriers.

 GSM New Site Augmentation

As much as operators would like to stay away from legacy networks like GSM, operators are still forced to roll out new GSM sites. Reasons for these vary from operators and geographical locations. We have seen some networks where 80% of the traffic is still carried by the GSM network. This service ensures a smooth roll out of legacy networks while the operator focuses its resources on newer technologies.