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Network Optimization

Network quality is king

With Voice ARPU going down and subscriber growth flattening, wireless operators are pressured to improve market share by retaining existing customers and winning customers from competitors. Network quality plays a big role in meeting this challenge.

To stay ahead, the network must evolve -- benchmarking new smartphones, new technologies, and KPI improvement projects to keep the network operating at the best possible performance are all essential to the evolution.

To successfully provide network performance improvement services, we leverage our Celcite systems. These systems enable us to deliver a unique, unified agnostic platform that collates, monitors, analyses, and resolves RAN-based optimisation and operational issues. It uses intelligent algorithms and correlation to perform root cause analysis for network issues. And it enables us to be more efficient, more effective, and provide better value for money per site than traditional resource-based providers.

We offer a range of services that support your quest to maintain network performance.

Network Optimization Software

Services Offered:

Capacity Maximization

Wireless operators are not only seeing a continued increase in data demands but are also challenged with effectively managing their network capacity and quality to cater to demanding subscribers. Customer-focused operators are transitioning their subscriber-base to 3G and 4G networks to better network experience in the most spectrally and operationally efficient manner.

Through proven methods and processes, Celcite is able to improve spectral efficiency of existing network and in the process increases capacity of the network. Celcite focuses on maximizing existing networks through parameter optimization, load balancing between the different cells, changing site configurations and utilizing new Radio Resource Management (RRM) features also improves spectral efficiency. The main goal in this step is to maximize the spectral efficiency (Kbits/sec/MHz) of the existing network before augmenting the network with additional hard or soft capacity.

Coverage Grid Optimization

The increased subscriber expectations for faster data are forcing mobile operators to explore new coverage and capacity plans.  The Coverage Grid Optimization service helps mobile operators leverage current network assets, plan new sites, and minimize CAPEX to exceed subscriber expectations.  Using geo-located data measurements, network performance measurements and proprietary algorithms enables us to offer a solution to optimize your network coverage grid. The service prioritizes new UMTS carrier expansions and new UMTS site builds after exhausting soft capacity of existing UMTS sites. This results in huge CAPEX savings for mobile operators by delaying unnecessary and premature expansion plans.

Network KPI Improvements

Network KPI Improvements service enables operators to focus on key KPIs (CQI, Retainability, Accessibility, and Throughput) that need to maintain network standard in-order to provide the customers with the best service possible. This service uses a combination of available services and techniques for optimization.

Network KPI Improvement services address finding root causes for network KPI degradation and proposing solutions that will aide improving the degraded KPIs to meet network standards. The service ensures your goals are met by leveraging the automation, correlation, and efficiency benefits provided by our Celcite systems along with the collective knowledge and experience of Celcite engineers.

Celcite team takes a holistic approach in studying the market KPIs. Celcite GEO Capabilities (parsing real users millions of daily Voice & Data calls) and Celcite COPS (proprietary automatic Intelligence Correlation engine) are used extensively to study the performance degraded areas. The resulting recommendations are put into a quantifiable Project Action Plan as a deliverable to the customer.

RF Shaping

RF shaping service involves using either drive test data or geo-located measurements to assess existing coverage, interference and overshooting problems in a given area. Specifically, RF shaping techniques end up in recommending changes to antenna parameters (height, tilt, azimuth) and power changes. Aspects such as spatial diversity are also considered. Interference Control, Load Balancing and Coverage and Capacity Optimization can be very effective with RF shaping.

In-Building DAS Optimization

Locations like stadiums present unique challenges in providing wireless services, with game days requiring an operator to support traffic equivalent to a small city. With the latest trends of subscribers checking emails, updating social networking sites with live status updates and pictures prove to be a daunting challenge for operators without enhanced coverage and capacity solutions. This is where the Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) proves beneficial to operators.

With all these advantages many operators now are moving towards adding more DAS systems to improve their coverage and capacity, ultimately ending up with satisfied customers. With experienced Celcite personnel, operators do not need to look any further. Our successful deployment projects with Tier1 US operators act as testimony to our expertize and experience in the field of DAS installation and optimization.



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