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Network Management (O&M)

Monitor, Automate and Enhance Your Mobile Network

The complexities of wireless technologies and networks today require new ways to protect and enhance network quality and customer satisfaction. All operators feel the strain. But how do you add new technologies and cope with data expansion, with same limited resources?

Like the automobile production lines or the computer factories of the past, mobile operators face a familiar dilemma: how to produce more, for less cost. Our predecessors turned to automation, became much more efficient, and enjoyed a subsequent reductions in OpEx .

Now it's your turn.

We emulate the actions of optimizers and network operations resources using a common agnostic platform to view, monitor, and analyse RAN data. Our Network O&M Monitoring services help you monitor and manage networks, either local or remotely, automate processes, and enhance network quality. We do it efficiently and effectively using a fraction of the resource requirements that most current providers or operator resources can achieve. Plus, we deliver a proven library of "packaged" services that can produce valuable benefits in both network quality and OpEx spend.


Services Offered:


Network Triage and Issues Management

2G and 3G Network Triage services address daily network issues by categorizing and proposing short term network maintenance solutions. This automation centric service enables operators to follow consistent processes daily to quickly address on-going  network issues across multiple technologies and RAN vendors. Short term operational issues are identified and fed to the right teams for resolution. The Network Triage services incorporate best practices, collective knowledge and experience of Celcite engineers.   

Network optimization resolution does not always involve an RF issue. Many of the faults need inputs from various operational sources and network sources (such as the Core network). Celcite engineers provide recommendations that can be segregated automatically resulting in trouble tickets produced for specific action.

Live Event Management

Maximise your revenue and simplify event network management during special public events. Our Live Event Management service ensures the best utilization of deployed resources with continuous parameter optimization during special events. Most mobile operators have to cope with special events that create huge localized traffic for a short period of time.

Network operators continuously strive to provide a quality network experience to ensure customer satisfaction.  However, mobile operators may not have enough resources to dedicate for special events. Celcite offers experienced engineers to monitor and take actions as required. Celcite engineers will also keep the operators informed throughout the entire process and provide recommendation for future events at the same location.

Network Retune and Monitoring

Network Retune and Monitoring services address interference issues caused by reusing the limited channels available for operators. Interference always seems to pose a major challenge in mature networks due to the limited spectrum. Mobile operators often retune their networks to improve network quality.  Celcite engineers use well proven processes, scripts, and a full monitoring and change impact analysis to effectively manage this service.


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