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Simplify Network Management with Intelligent Automation

Your multi-vendor, multi-techonology wireless network requires the dual support of capacity and quality maximisation with efficient network management. 

COPS is just the right platform you need to maximise network quality and capacity while simplifying network management, thereby increasing the ROI on both CapEx and OpEx spend.

Network Management Enabled by Automatic Intelligent Correlation (AIC)

COPS-AIC is an automated network management platform that supports multi-vendor, multi-technology wireless networks.

The Automatic Intelligent Correlation (AIC) engine automatically collects a variety of data types from the network, such as performance counters, configuration data, faults/alarms, trouble tickets, mobile measurements, and geo location data. AIC then automatically correlates all data points to provide triage between RF and operational issues, provides root cause analysis, audits, recommendations, and executable solutions along with mml or xml scripts.

All of this happens with just a few clicks of the mouse and results in up to a 70% gain in operational efficiencies.

Proceed to resolve network issues quickly with our Network Triage and Alarm Management services

Network Triage and Alarm Management services address daily network issues by categorising and proposing short term network maintenance solutions. This service enables operators to address on-going network issues quickly. Short term operational issues are identified and fed to the right teams for resolution. This service is automation centric and incorporates the best practices, collective knowledge, and experience of Celcite engineers.

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