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Maximise Network Potential

Smart, dynamic coverage and capacity management solutions

Improve your competitive edge by providing a seamless network experience to subscribers and optimising capacity and coverage across network assets - GSM, UMTS, LTE, and Small Cells.


Proven, Reliable, Deployed:  Real World SON from Celcite

Multiple technologies have created a lattice of overlaid and interrelated neworks that are extremely difficult to manage and optimise for quality and capacity with a legacy approach.  The in-built dynamic and autonomous closed loop actions of COPS-SON enable self-configuration, self-optimisation, and self-healing of networks with no human interaction.  SON feature policies include ANR (Automatic Neighbour Relation), LB (Load Balancing), SH (Self Healing), APO (Automatic Parameter Optimisation) and Plug-and-Play module for self configuration when a new site is deployed.

COPS-SON has proven to deliver more than 15% improvement in capacity utilisation and greater than 20% improvement in dropped call rate.


Location Aware Monitoring & Geo-Estimated Optimisation

In today's wireless ecosystem, where the majority of traffic load is due to data and a substantial percentage of calls are in-building, road-bound drive testing provides a very limited view of the customer experience.

COPS-Geo is a probeless solution that harvests mobile measurement reports from the network to geocode every call event, thereby providing geographical context to data traffic, hotspots, interference, coverage gaps, overall location-estimated network behaviour, and accurate monitoring of customers' voice and data experiences.

Squeeze the most of your existing networks with our Network Maximisation services

Through a variety of analysis and optimisation efforts, our Network Maximisation and Network Optimisation services enable the mobile network operator to utilise the network to maximum potential and gain significant CAPEX savings through better reuse of spectrum and hardware.


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