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  • Amdocs Announces Self-Optimizing Networks Solution For Customer Experience-Driven Network Automation

    10 February 2014
    Amdocs SON solution helps mobile service providers autonomously optimize their radio access networks to improve the customer experience
  • TIM Brasil contracts Cisco, Celcite to improve data traffic

    03 December 2013
    TIM Brasil has partnered with Cisco and Celcite to use systems able to increase the quality of its network, particularly data traffic.
  • Amdocs Has Signed a Definitive Agreement to Acquire Celcite, a Leading Provider of Network Management and Self Optimizing Network (SON) Solutions

    05 November 2013
    Strategic acquisition will allow service providers to maximize network capacity and quality and use geo-located network data to improve the customer experience
  • Celcite demos advanced Self Optimizing Network (SON) technology at Mobile Network Optimisation Conference

    04 November 2013
    Leader in self optimizing network systems to highlight business case and benefits of SON
  • Celcite Launches Celcite SON 3.5 Self Optimizing Network (SON) Solution

    01 October 2013
    Update to industry's most advanced Centralized SON product introduces Responsibility Metrics and Accelerated Load Balancing
  • September 11,2014 Comments (0)

    Managing HetNets with their different access technologies, different network vendors, different cell sizes, is a major headache. Pulling these different elements together and synchronizing them is like trying to conduct an orchestra where each section has music for a different symphony. In our experience, most operators now believe that centralized network software is the answer for managing the entire operation, especially after adding LTE into the equation.

  • September 02,2014 Comments (0)

    The phrase and belief "if you build it, they will come" has been widely disparaged over the years.  Yet that’s exactly what happened with LTE networks. Operators built them and, yes, subscribers came. In droves. The simple lure of faster data on a mobile device was enough to draw in millions of subscribers worldwide. Then the inevitable happened.  People were actually using the networks. A lot.

  • July 16,2014 Comments (0)

    There’s no doubt about it; as service providers move towards optimizing their networks through automation, the adoption of self-optimizing networks (SONs) is growing. The last year couple of years have seen double digit growth for the network optimization and SON software market, particularly for existing 3G networks.

  • June 18,2014 Comments (0)

    Self-optimizing networks (SON) have the potential to massively improve the running of an operator’s network and business. It can dramatically cut OPEX and CAPEX associated with running a network and make life simpler for network managers and engineers. But before leaping into implementing SON, there are key considerations that mobile operators need to think through. Awareness of potential challenges can serve as a guide, helping to maximize the technology’s potential and prevent problems down the line.

  • June 12,2014 Comments (0)

    This year marks the 30th anniversary when cinema goers were introduced to one of the most successful science fiction franchises of all time. In 1984 James Cameron launched the first Terminator film. As well as helping cement Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of Hollywood’s greatest action heroes, it also introduced the idea of an intelligent self-managing network. Skynet, was a fully automated system that did not require human management of its technology.

About Celcite

Celcite Management Solutions is the world’s most advanced and experienced provider of self-organizing / self-optimizing network (SON) and network management solutions. Celcite is helping to transform network management and optimization processes through reliable, effective network automation technologies such as SON.

Celcite’s flexible, scalable, multi-vendor, multi-technology automation platform has quickly catapulted Celcite to recognized leadership in the industry. Celcite offers a centralized, intelligent OSS system that lies at the heart of Celcite’s self-optimizing network technologies, providing a wide variety of strategic capabilities - such as geo-location and intelligent automatic correlation systems - to reliably deliver network automation.

Some of the world's largest mobile network operators, biggest megacities and most widely watched sports and cultural events are all being optimized by Celcite SON today. Celcite is helping over 20 operators spanning four continents to maximize network capacity and quality across almost 2 million cells today.

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