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  • Amdocs Network Research: LTE Alone May be Unable to Ease the Wireless Capacity Crunch as Hotspots Get Hotter

    04 February 2015
    Annual State of the RAN report shows LTE hotspots could reach full capacity in 2-3 years*; increased demand for data will accelerate small cell adoption and carrier-grade Wi-Fi
  • Amdocs wins prestigious bandwidth optimization innovation of the year award

    16 December 2014
  • Are you missing the bigger picture?

    10 October 2014
    A holistic perspective on the network experience is key. If you are trying to deliver a better quality of network experience and only relying on intelligence from your network, you’re missing the bigger picture.
  • Amdocs Announces Self-Optimizing Networks Solution For Customer Experience-Driven Network Automation

    10 February 2014
    Amdocs SON solution helps mobile service providers autonomously optimize their radio access networks to improve the customer experience
  • TIM Brasil contracts Cisco, Celcite to improve data traffic

    03 December 2013
    TIM Brasil has partnered with Cisco and Celcite to use systems able to increase the quality of its network, particularly data traffic.
  • October 30,2014 Comments (0)

    When you stop to think about it, the objectives of mobile network operators’ (MNOs) are quite universal – increase profitability, improve the customer experience, and beat the competition. Yet with today’s complicated heterogeneous network (HetNet) environment, success does not come easy.

  • October 22,2014 Comments (0)

    Like any good football manager, a mobile network operator (MNO) might have its own network management “playbook" with detailed policies and instructions for handling network issues that came their way.  

  • September 28,2014 Comments (0)

    When is the right time to let go of the reins and allow your self-optimizing network (SON) system to run without human intervention? At the end of the day, it really comes down to three considerations: business readiness, technical readiness and cultural readiness.

    Business Readiness

  • September 22,2014 Comments (0)

    The customer experience of a mobile user has many aspects:  how they react to their monthly bill, does customer care fix their problems the first time, and do they have the latest handsets before anyone else.  But when we get down to the network, the subscriber experience boils down to a few simple questions: How good is my coverage? How often do I suffer a dropped call? Is my data fast enough?

  • September 11,2014 Comments (0)

    Managing HetNets with their different access technologies, different network vendors, different cell sizes, is a major headache. Pulling these different elements together and synchronizing them is like trying to conduct an orchestra where each section has music for a different symphony. In our experience, most operators now believe that centralized network software is the answer for managing the entire operation, especially after adding LTE into the equation.

About Celcite

Celcite Management Solutions is the world’s most advanced and experienced provider of self-organizing / self-optimizing network (SON) and network management solutions. Celcite is helping to transform network management and optimization processes through reliable, effective network automation technologies such as SON.

Celcite’s flexible, scalable, multi-vendor, multi-technology automation platform has quickly catapulted Celcite to recognized leadership in the industry. Celcite offers a centralized, intelligent OSS system that lies at the heart of Celcite’s self-optimizing network technologies, providing a wide variety of strategic capabilities - such as geo-location and intelligent automatic correlation systems - to reliably deliver network automation.

Some of the world's largest mobile network operators, biggest megacities and most widely watched sports and cultural events are all being optimized by Celcite SON today. Celcite is helping over 20 operators spanning four continents to maximize network capacity and quality across almost 2 million cells today.

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